by 2025 US Population LOWERED by 80% Forecast to 65million

Deagel Military Contractor - MASS DEPOPULATION ABOUT TO HAPPEN 2016

MASS DEPOPULATION ABOUT TO HAPPEN 2016 -------- Deagel military contractor says North Korea population will be NON EXISTANT by 2025 and a sudden massive decrease in U.K. USA,Australian population in 2016,i suspect the military industrial complex are about to unleash bio/chemical attacks,nuclear neutron bombs,swine flu,ebola,zika viruses on major cities so they can start mass vaccination to kill off 95% of the population with neurological brain damaging paralysing vaccines.
Obama Orders 250 Million Americans Killed This Year 2016
Dr William Mount
At 3:40mins America will be totaly destroyed in 2016 military contractor with depopulation figures
UK chart show sudden decrease in population in 2016
At 4:16mins Lucifer will return in 2025 according to the Lucis Trust

Deagel military contractor,list of countries depopulation by 2025
Sudden decrease in U.K. population in 2016   U.K. 2014 population 64 million,23 million by 2025
Isle of Man,2014 population 86,866,NON EXISTANT by 2025
Ireland 2014 population 4.8 million,1.5 million by 2025
Sudden decrease in USA population in 2016   USA 2014 population 319 million,65 million by 2025
Sudden decrease in Australian population in 2016
Australia 2014 population 23 million,8 million by 2025
China 2014 population 1.4 billion,STAYS AT 1.4 billion by 2025
Cuba 2014 population 11 million,STAYS AT 11 million by 2025
Tanzania 2014 population 4.6 million,37 million by 2025
North Korea 2014 population 25 million,NON EXISTANT by 2025

UN Agenda 21 depopulation of 95% of world by year 2030 is now
underway,signed and approved by 200 world leaders including George
Bush senior,Bill Clinton
Ronald Reagan signed an agreement with Gorbachev to merge the soviet
communist system with the democratic system,America is now the
American Soviet and the European Union is the European Soviet
2094 Depopulation Completed,Denver Airport ---- QUEEN Says 2015 Will Be Our Final Christmas Right After The Pope

Military Industrial Complex
The Business of War: SOFEX
Hosted by Shane Smith founder of VICE News.
The military industrial complex weapons show in Jordan hosted by King Abdullah invites military generals from all of Africa and the middle east this show has been going for 14 years,SOFEX Special Operations Forces Exhibition
At 5:05mins the King Abdullah Special Operations Training Center HQ in partnership with General Dynamics
At 7:28mins Jennifer Ann Wallace Montesano PR representative of General Dynamics
At 11:50mins weapons manufacturers from around the world including Russia,China attend the Jordan arms show
At 13:48mins the generals from these countries are given financial aid from America but then use the money to buy weapons insted of helping there citizens
At 18:05mins its more likely these weapons will be used on the generals own citizens than on an invading country
At 19:07mins the arms sales are doubling every year

The Business of War: SOFEX


02.11.2019 19:31


So this is it? population control. The different methods Biological, weapons, religion, natural disas. Are there contest for who kills the most people? only rich and fit survive. The meaning of life?

06.11.2017 17:42

Andrew Xing

You misinterpreted Deagel.
The smaller number next to down red arrow, number of population lost, Baby Boomers mostly d/t age, death etc. STOP scaring people please. Learn how to read projections chart

25.10.2021 05:30


I would seriously be curious to know what you think "now" in 2021 with forced vaccination on the horizon...

12.04.2016 16:52



11.03.2016 08:07

vger felix sparkfire

i mean who the hell would nuke the manx ?? no disease not even small pox can give you that pattern.

11.03.2016 08:03

vger felix sparkfire

think; manx extinct and nk? but not scotland or wales? some gone or quatered...and thirty miles away most are ok?

11.03.2016 08:01

vger felix sparkfire

i saw this a while back. u do know that even a combo of disease/nukes cant do this pattrn? puzzles me a bit