Historian Greg Hallett exposes British monarchy illegitimacy

Greg Hallett exposes British monarchy illegitimacy,Bill Clinton,Queen Elizabeth were fathered by Winston Churchill.
Wow!! How cute are the Royals?? Look at them!!
Mark Taxi Artist
Mark says near the end of this video we have to get rid of the unfair priviledged monarchy system,that is what the USA allready did when they won the war of independance against King George III in 1776 but the ruling elites took power by stealth through the banking system and the establishing of the Federal Reserve in 1913 so the Queen secretly rules America aswell.
Greg Hallett exposes the biggest secret: the Illegitimacy of the current British Monarchy.
At 35mins Greg says prince William is not Charles and Diana's son he is King Juan Carlos of Spains son and prince Harry's father is major James Hewitt
At 47mins Lionel Nathan Rothschild fathered all of Queen Victoria's 9 children and not prince Albert and Rothschild controled all european monarchies because he controled the banks and money
At 54mins Winston Churchill is the biological father of Queen Elizabeth II she was born above the Coach and Horses pub in Mayfair
At 60mins there has not been a legitimate monarchy for 160 years
At 62mins Greg says Royal drug dealing connected to Royal tours of Australia
------------------ Part 2 ---------------------------
SEXPIONAGE 3: Pamela Harriman was Bill Clinton's Mother
Greg Hallett says At 1:20mins Bill Clinton was born in Great Britain
his parents were Winston Churchill and Pamela Harriman and is related
to the Queen of Great Britain and is the grandson of King Edward VII.
The USA is controled by the British royal family and Rothschilds,Free
Masons and other european elites.
Pamela Churchill Harriman - Biography Documentary
Info and photos of the Rothschilds on this video
historiangreghallett's Channel
http://www.greghallett.com ---- http://www.theworldoftruth.net/
Hitler Was a British Agent - Greg Hallett ... Rothschild Zionists Funded Both Hitler & Churchill
Rothschild Zionists Funded Both Hitler & Churchill At 5:20mins the New Zealand judiciary is a fraud,the police are now rapists,paedophiles and murderers who are promoted to the highest positions and the government is totaly corrupt.
At 50:05mins all of history has been a hoax,people have been living in
a huge con ruled by the elites.
Hitler,Stalin,Churchill,Royal Family are all born from the Rothschild family who have been ruling the world with other elite
families,intentionaly causing wars,killing millions as a way to reduce
------------------------- Part 3 ----------------
Most of the British Royal family are illegitimate, including Prince consort Albert, King Edward VII and his son Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill was first cousin with Adolf Hitler s father and uncle to Anthony Blunt, King Edward VIII and King George VI.
Adolf Hitler s grandfather ran the Rothschild Bank, the Bank of England
------------------------  QUEEN ELIZABETH'S PYRAMID ---------------------- 
Pyramid at Balmoral Castle,Aberdeenshire,Scotland the Queen's holiday residence built by Queen Victoria in 1862 as a memorial to her husband Albert.
The Free Masons use the pyramid symbol and its on the One Dollar Bill and the founder of the Jehovah Witnesses Taze Russell has a pyramid memorial to him at the Free Masons HQ land in America because the ruling elites believe they are descended from the ancient Pharaohs and Balylonian empire.
QUEENS Granite Stone Pyramid
The Pyramid with people in front
Plaque on Pyramid
Albert Prince Consort
The British Queen Elizabeth with a nurse who's waist belt buckle is a Free Masons symbol on left and Pentagram symbol on right
Close Up photo of buckle
2094 Depopulation Completed,Denver Airport,NEW WORLD AIRPORT ---- QUEEN Says 2015 Will Be Our Final Christmas Right After The Pope http://www.surviveunagenda21depopulation.com/388778415  
-------------  Jehovah Witness Free Mason PYRAMID  ---------------------
Founder of the Jehovah Witness's Charles Taze Russell Gravestone in Pittsburgh,USA erected in 1916 on Free Masons property with a symbol of an angled cross inside a crown ingraved on the stone pyramid.
Taze Russell,Jehovah Witness PYRAMID
The Free Masons reinterpreted Egyptian pyramid engravings of Egyptian spiritual beliefs and astrological knowledge into modern christianity and they built all the churches and founded the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses because the ruling elites believe they are decended from the ancient Babylonian and Egyptian bloodline lineage, nearly all American presidents were Free Masons and they planned and built Washington DC according to Free Masonic symbolism and numerology.
------------------ IMAGE OF BAPHOMET - Goat Headed Human -----------------
Satanists in the USA and in other countries use the goat headed human
image Baphomet to represent Satan but it is nothing to do with Satan it is
ESOTERIC philosophy which is the hidden meanings within reality.
IMAGE OF BAPHOMET - Goat Headed Human
Baphomet embodies the culmination of the alchemical process – the
union of opposing forces to create Astral Light – the basis of magic
and,ultimately,enlightenment. READ MORE on the chakra diagram
PENTAGRAM SYMBOL on Uncle Sam and Illuminati Baphomet are both esoteric symbology the upright pentagram (single point up) as representing spirit in harmony with the four elements.


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Sir Tommy Hicks

So where is Dear John Hiding ? Some what opened minded and I have learned many new things since last I spoke with one of his Moderators.For I have a dream end the Strawman Law in Maritime.

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hello Ive been trying to find Gregg for about 3 years Where is he

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He's absolutely the King! Good wins in the end.

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how do you guys feel about greg hallet is he the king?

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Raven Moonstone is a Brave.

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Its all starting to make sense. Joining the the dots is sometimes fascinating. SBS ABC has had tolling docos on the royal family for a few months + Britains Cathedrales and Egypt pyramids and dynastys

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Everyone has to get off the fuckin Davenport and do something

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Hitler was not a British agent. There is no proof of this. Hitler was a Christian, and fought for his people against the Jews.

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Not sure if he was a British agent, don't think so but wouldnt say its impossible. He wasn't a Christian for sure, at least he's no more a Christian than Trump is.

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I have seen a lot of web sites that speak of
the hidden truth!! Sadly reality has been shrouded in lies so that the deception of the
Common man may be used like cattle. John kennedy said thit