The REAL Truth About Religion And Its Origins

Scam,Deception Religion & False History vs Real History,Truth & Facts

Satan/Lucifer is a Bogeyman Decoy,Authoritative Religions are the Real Satan Masquerading as Representing God

I have experienced God who was nothing to do with religion,my experience of God was ecstatic bliss and ALL AUTHORITATIVE RELIGIONS use FEAR,GUILT,SHAME which creates an emotional frequency to keep humanity disconnected from experiencing God because God has no FEAR,GUILT,SHAME and CANNOT CONNECT WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE SATURATED WITH fear,guilt,shame and these religions are a ruling elite PERVERSION to keep there domination over humanity as there labour supply because the elites are all CAPITALISTS who capitalise on natural and human resources and THATS WHAT ALL THE WORLDS PROBLEMS ARE ABOUT its not because of any Satan HE DOES NOT EXIST he is just a BOGEYMAN to blame to keep humanity ignorant and in the dark PERMANENTLY INSLAVED to the ruling elites psychological mind control systems.

From my research including visiting hell in the spirit world where i did not find any Satan but it was mainly full of psychologicaly abused people and the religious authorities like the Vatican at the head who teach about Satan are in reality CREATING SATAN using a religious PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE reversed psychology programming of humanities minds by continuinly teaching or condemning immorality they are simultaneously implanting these ideas of abuse into humanities minds to CREATE the reality of immorality so that they can have a reason for there religious authority to exist,its a technique called DIVIDE & RULE that ruling elites have used to control populations for hundreds of years. ------------- Other examples of divide and rule is WW2 British vs Germans,Communism vs Democracy,Terrorism vs Free World all created by the same ruling elites.


The REAL Truth About Religion And Its Origins - MUST WATCH!!
List of many other messianic leaders born on 25th DECEMBER shows parrallels between Egyptian teachings,Astrology,Pagan beliefs showing christianity is copied,plaguarised,re-written interpretations from these previous civilizations in history. 

At 1:12mins sun passes through the 12 signs in the
zodiac in a year and 4 seasons DIVIDED BY A CROSS
At 8:46mins Jesus head has been imposed on the astrological zodiac sun symbol with the zodiac CROSS behind his head
At 9:30mins the 12 disciples represents the 12 signs of the zodiac and
Jesus represents the sun
At 3:08mins 3000 BC Horus BORN on 25th DECEMBER,born of a virgin,star in the east,had 12 disciples
At 4mins 1200BC Attis BORN on 25th DECEMBER,born of a virgin,crucified,dead for 3 days,was resurrected
At 4:10mins 900BC Krishna BORN on 25th DECEMBER,born of a virgin,star in the east
At 4:28mins 500BC Dionysus BORN on 25th DECEMBER,born of a virgin,performed miracles,was King of Kings,Alpha and Omega,was resurrected
At 4:36mins 1200BC Mithra BORN on 25th DECEMBER,born of a virgin,had 12 disciples,performed miracles,dead for 3 days then resurrected
At 5:22mins Jesus BORN on 25th DECEMBER,born of a virgin,had 12 disciples,performed miracles,was King of Kings,Son of God,Alpha and Omeg,was crucified after 3 days resurrected
At 6:08mins the birth sequence is completely ASTROLOGICAL based on the SOLSTICE on 25th DECEMBER.
At 7:49mins  on 25th december THE SUN begins to appear higher in the sky and increases in height until summer when the sun reaches its highest point in the day time sky.
THIS IS WHY Jesus and other SUN GODS share the same birth,crucifixion,death,resurrection story ITS ALL BASED ON ASTROLOGY and mapping the seasons.At 9:06mins the spring equinox is when the day light becomes longer than darkness so symbolicly means the light overpowering the darkness and bringing salvationAt 9:27mins the 12 disciples are the 12 constellations of the zodiac and Jesus represents the Sun

At 10:12mins the cross with a circle is a pagan cross of the astrological zodiac

At 10:31mins early paintings of Jesus with astrological zodiac cross behind his head

At 13:54mins Jesus is associated with fish and fishermen,the AGE of the astrological symbol Pisces is TWO FISH,Jesus birth is the same date as the begining of the AGE of Pisces,the AGE of Aquarius begins in year 2150
 At 16:25mins 3,500 year old stone engraving at the temple of
Luxor in Egypt are images of the anunciation,the emaculate
conception,the birth of Horus 15 centuries before christianity
At 17mins a list of comparisons of almost identical
similarities of Egyptian religion with Christian religion and evidence
of copying or plagiarism,
At 19:08mins the christian bible TEN COMMANDMENTS are copied from the Egyptian Book of the Dead
  At 19:25mins the Egyptian religion is most likely where christianity
was copied from and reinterpreted
At 21:23mins the bible is a astrotheological literary hybrid
At 22:23mins not one historian who lived at the time of Jesus ever
documented facts about a man called Jesus
At 24mins in 325AD emporer Constantine and the council of nicea
fabricated the teachings of christianity for political and social
control of the people causing a history of war and spiritual fraud
At 24:47mins for the next 1,600 years the vatican controled all of
europe leading to the dark ages
At 25:06mins CHRISTIANITY IS THE FRAUD OF THE AGE serving to detach
humans from the natural world and supports blind submission to
authority to control society

Truth about Religion Part 1 of 3


---- Education by me Gordon Muir,my Lecture on Real History ----

I attended all the Moonies Divine Principle workshops in 1985 but just before i met followers of Rev Moon i was having direct spiritual experiences with God who is ecstatic bliss,nirvana who guided me to meet followers of Rev Moon but is not this grieving God that Rev Moon talks about and i realised in the last few years there WAS NO Fall of Man situation that happened with Adam,Eve,Lucifer and this whole christian biblical story is totaly FALSIFIED,FABRICATED,

FICTITIOUS there is no evidence or motivation and Rev Moon does NOT provide proper solid evidence WHICH I WOULD LIKE TO BE PROVIDED?
On my website below,1969 NWO Speech by Dr Richard Day will enlighten you on the intentional planned,orchestrated moral breakdown society is experiencing is not because of any non-existant sin or fallen nature or Satan.
Rev Moon says Lucifer was recieving less love from God and became jealous of Adam & Eve recieving more love so suddendly decided to become nasty and mislead Adam & Eve,THIS IS NONSENSE because if you have ever experienced the blissful ecstacy of God like I HAVE there is no such thing as jealousy of less love or more love there is no sense of disciminating between MORE or LESS these are childish ideas Rev Moon is describing that relate and exist in todays world mainly within cities where there are thousands of bitter,resentful,abused,jealous,imperfect humans who can relate to these ideas but at the time of Adam,Eve,Lucifer only perfection and blissful ecstacy would of existed and creations of God do not suddenly malfunction FOR NO REASON and turn against themselves like a cancer disease THIS WOULD MAKE GOD a completely incompetant imperfect creator which God is not from looking at the perfect universe.
Humanity is given this believable Fall of Man story which was fabricated by Roman Emperor Constantine I in AD 325 and the 13 ruling elite families at the council of Nicea in AD 325  as a way to use fear,guilt,shame to psychologicaly mass control populations and they installed the Vatican in 1400s to increase the power of this very abusive control system THAT DOES NOT CONNECT PEOPLE TO GOD it only cattle herds populations to be used for manual labour purposes for the industrial revolution and the 13 ruling elite families are now replacing this Old World Order religious control system with a NWO New World Order high tech scientific eugenics control system but they are also creating a One World Religion which is to be a combination of all religions merged into one TO CENTRALISE there control over heavily indoctrinated religious populations because to suddenly irradicate religion from the world would cause too much rebellion and protest so they are doing it gradualy by the end of the 21st century.
Before the Roman Empire expanded there power to other countries society was guided by the Celtic Zodiac Astrological system.  The stone circles are zodiac astrological tools to let people know how to survive the seasons and when to plant crops which was the system everyone lived by before the Roman empire and christianity took over,you see crosses in grave yards with circles around the cross and paintings of Jesus head superimposed on a cross in a circle that is taken from the Zodiac astrological circle,the cross seperating the 4 seasons and divided into the 12 signs of the zodiac to give a more refined calculation,they were changed by the Vatican into the 12 diciples and farbricated a man called Jesus and put his head in the place of the sun that the 12 signs of the zodiac revolve around.Gradualy the circles on the crosses were replaced by only a cross this was because the ruling elites had to merge the old Celtic Pagan Astrological Zodiac system with the new Roman,christian authoritative system because there would of been too much rebellion if they suddenly destroyed the old astrological system and imposed christianity so they slowly phased it out.
In the 4th Century, Pope Julius I declared that 25th December was Jesus' birthday and so celebrations were in order. This effectively transformed the Pagan occasion into a Christian holy day (holiday). -------- Read more: Astrology and Pagan Symbolism in Christianity
I have researched for the causes of humanities problems they are caused by wealthy ruling elite families but mainly by advanced beings possibly the Annunaki  who geneticaly dumbed down humans over 10,000 years ago as obedient slaves and this genetic programming has only since 1960s started to be diluted and overided by natures programming which allows humans to be totaly free physicaly and spiritualy THIS IS WHY YOU SEE more beautiful atrractive people being born from the 1960s until now and the ruling elites and advanced beings are in a hurry to shut down this natural liberation of humans so the elites are creating all these control systems to keep humanity suppressed,dumbed down and enslaved and religion was one of there major inslavement suppressing control systems that they are trying to repackage and update to appeal to more modern liberated society to psychologicaly inslave them AND THEN OFFER A SAVIOUR/MESSIAH as hope that things will improve which is another very clever deception to keep domination over the mass population.
BUT HUMANITY IS WAKENING UP and the ruling elites evil sadomastic inprisoning control systems will not be able to stop the awakening OF GOD CONSCIOUSNESS freedom and liberty of humanity but as a last resort the globalist elites plan to release atomic neutron bombs around the nothern hemisphere of the planet to irradiate all life while the ruling elites are secure in there deep underground bases or in the southern hemisphere protected by the Solar Winds
---- This Ends my Lecture on Real History Education by me Gordon Muir ----

SUMMARY of my Moonie experience,these moonie liars turned my life into a wasteful misery from being a bright happy very productive person full of life,the moonies cause death and misery to many people,ABUSING THERE POSITION OF REPRESENTING GOD JUST LIKE THEY TEACH LUCIFER IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE DONE TO Adam & Eve,basicaly the moonies are full of habitual liars causing damage to peoples lives and to there organisations reputation and destroying all the good work members have achieved ----------------------------- I had 3 members blessed in one of Rev Moons mass weddings knowingly lie and mislead me causing huge damage to my life and nothing has been done to acknowledge this so i am compelled to warn others so that there lives are not abused. ---------- What i am trying to understand is why are followers of Rev Moon similtaneously helping people then damaging people,they tell you they are perfect then tell you they are not perfect this is the schizophrenic behaviour i have been subjected too then i find out hundreds of others have experience the same behaviour ------------------------------ Rev Moons organisation is full of schizophrenic liars and deciever members abusing Rev Moons organisation and teachings and abusing there position representing God just like religion teaches Lucifer is supposed to have done,Rev Moons organisation is full of members who keep switching back and forward between the behaviour of Satan and back to being good intentioned friendly people representing God and nothing is done to acknowledge this schizophrenic behaviour which is what religions teach is the very original abuse of Lucifer lying to,decieving Adam and Eve where all the worlds problems are supposed to have originated,how can this be accepted,its insane behaviour its like bank robbers being the police aswell its very confusing. 

they are identical to the very Satan/Lucifer they teach about and 50% of members are habitual liars & decievers destroying lives,they are VERY EVIL people but possibly are ignorant of the damage they are causing to THOUSANDS of peoples lives.
The Moonies abuse TRUST,LOYALTY,RESPECT,they LIE,DECIEVE,MISLEAD and the damage this causes leads to ANGER,HATRED,BITTERNESS,RESENTMENT,this is LOWER NEGATIVE SPIRIT WORLD ENERGY,they DO NOT connect people to God,they abuse there position of representing God and a man i thought could be the Messiah Rev Moon,they tick every box that describes the very Satan/Lucifer they claim to be against who lied to,decieved,misled Adam & Eve away from God causing all of humanities problems and imperfections,they condemn,smoking,drinking,drugs,sex outside marraige,homosexuality but the moonies are 1000 one thousand times worse than any other problems everyone deals with in society,there condemnation attitude insted of Loving people causes FEAR,GUILT,SHAME and intensifies peoples problems and pushes people more into there problems so causes people to be EVEN MORE EMOTIONALY SEPERATED FROM GOD AND LOVE and from my experience with God before BEING LIED TO by moonies the emotional frequency of God has no fear,guilt,shame so if people are pushed more into these negative emotions they can never experience the ECSTATIC BLISS of God.
Then the stupid ignorant religions tell you to pray to God but this is just an intellectual imaginary delusional mind numbing repetition that turns people into DUMBED DOWN MINDLESS SHEEP which is another form of abuse disguised as something good to do,but GOD DOES NOT REQUIRE ANYONE TO EVER PRAY because God is within all life and is instantly there and knows everything happening to every living thing at all times,God is within every living thing and GOD CONSCIOUSNESS IS EVERY LIVING THING and to achieve God consciousness from my experience IS THE MEANING OF LIFE and i mean the God of nature and planets and not the manmade fear,guilt,shame authoritative religious God.

Authoritative religions INCLUDING the bible are ALL A SCAM an abuse of God created by CAPITALISTS ruling elites to take control over peoples beliefs and superstitions to keep humanity emotionaly cut off from God so that the populations can be fed with religious indoctrination to become dumbed down obedient sheep to be used as LABOUR SUPPLY for wealthy ruling elites.

The intentional planned,orchestrated moral breakdown society is now experiencing is not because of any so called sin or fallen nature or Satan. ---- Quote from 1969 by ruling elite insider Dr Richard Day who kept apologising SAYING IM SORRY "THERE IS NO OTHER WAY" for what they are now unleashing on society,all pornography,homosexuality,drugs,crime,social family breakdown,mass unemployment,terrorism,wars are not RANDOM because of moral breakdown or so called fallen nature it was PLANNED,DESIGNED by the ruling elites before 1969 as a way to reduce population and bring in there New World Order which George Bush senior and other politicians have spoken about in speeches,they talk about 90% of world population reduction but they dont tell you that they plan to kill millions of people using,vaccines,terrorist wars,euthanisia of old people and any means neccesary.
------ Rev Moon the Moonies,Unification Church,FFWPU
Sun Myung Moon, a self-proclaimed messiah who founded the controversial Unification Church and turned it into a multi-billion dollar business empire, has died in South Korea early at the age of 92.
(BELOW) 1992 Mass Wedding video and 1972 Al Capp interview with Rev Moon live on American TV


Joseph Farah,Moon is No Messiah
Joseph Farah was invited to south Korea to a media event hosted by Rev
Moon and a member assured Joseph that Rev Moon does not claim to be
the messiah but Joseph is angry that when he was on stage with other
succesful people Rev Moon announced that he is the messiah and none of
these people on stage believed Rev Moon is the messiah,so the
following day Joseph Farah wrote this article disassociating himself
from Rev Moon because he did not want his reputation being used to
promote a man claiming to be the messiah when Joseph had no evidence
for these claims.



Ex-Moonies Allen Tate Wood & Steve Hassan


Freedom of Mind Resource Center,Steve Hassan's website


Steve Hassan is a former member of the Unification Church (Moonies) and has given an account of his leaving the Unification Church in his 1998 book Combatting Cult Mind Control and on his personal website.

Ex-Moonies Allen Tate Wood & Steve Hassan discuss the Moon cult - May 2015
At 12:45mins ex-moonie Allen says he had been lied to and decieved while involved with the moonies
At 13mins in 1973 Allen asked Rev Moon about members with temptations towards homosexuality and Rev Moon responded by turning it into a joke
At 16:10mins Allen arranged a personal meeting with Rev Moon and walked out after the meeting realising Rev Moon is not the messiah
At 17mins after Allen read C.S. Lewis book Hideous Strength he seen similarities with Rev Moons organisation that is only designed to control people and is nothing to do with God.
That Hideous Strength (subtitled A Modern Fairy-Tale for Grown-Ups) is a 1945 novel by C. S. Lewis,


BBC Documentary Rev.Sun Myung Moon: Emperor Of the Universe
Ex-moonie Allen Tate Wood speaks in this video
At 18:14mins Cathryn Mazer says when she was a moonie she was encouraged to lie

Nansook Hong In the Shadow of the Moons: My Life in the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Family
Real Reverend Sun Myung Moon and Real Unification church...
Nansook Hong says Rev Moons family is living a lie and Hyo Jin Nim
used cocaine and was frequently drunk,watched porn ...movies,he beat
Nansook when she was pregnant
Nan Sook Hong Interview
At 2:48mins and 3:16mins True Mother would hand Hyo Jin Nim bundles of
thousands of dollars knowing he was going to buy cocaine with it,this
is the behaviour of a FALSE MOTHER not a TRUE MOTHER.
At 4:40mins Nansook says Rev Moon teaches adultery as the worst crime
but Hyo Jin Nim comitted adultery many times and Rev and Mrs Moon were
aware of it and did nothing to condemn it.
At 6:10mins Rev Moons daughter Un Jin Moon is supporting Nansook Hong
and does not believe her father Rev Moon is the messiah
Rev Moons Son Hyo Jin Moon on Cocaine
There is an english version but its been taken down
At 3:12mins ex-moonie leader Steve Hassan says its obvious Hyo Jin Moon is not perfect
At 3:22mins Rev Moons son Hyo Jin Moon on Cocaine and being abusive while giving a lecture to members then he walks out and they all applaude him like stupid ignorant people
True Mother: Early Unification Church: Alive with Spirit and Truth
(Sept. 30, 2012)
5 paragraphs from bottom), True Mother says,"Twenty thousand second generation have all been washed away into the secular world" only 100 remain

--------- QUEEN ELIZABETH'S Free Masons PYRAMID ------------
Free Masons Pyramid built in 1862 at Queen Elizabeth's Balmoral Castle,Aberdeenshire,Scotland and the queens nurse wears Free Masons belt buckle and pentagram
------------- Jehovah Witness Free Mason PYRAMID ---------------------
Founder of the Jehovah Witness's Charles Taze Russell Gravestone in Pittsburgh,USA erected in 1916 on Free Masons property with a symbol of an angled cross inside a crown ingraved on the stone pyramid.
Taze Russell,Jehovah Witness PYRAMID

Rev. Moon - 1992 Mass Wedding part 1

Part 1 - Reverend Moon live interview from 1972 in the USA with Al Capp

Rev Moon in 1972 traveling around the world calling for the establishment of a One World Religion and One Church ---- At 2mins Al Capp asks Rev Moon if he is the Messiah why are there 26 other people at that time also claiming to be the Messiah

Ex-Moonies Allen Tate Wood & Steve Hassan discuss the Moon cult - May 2015

BBC Documentary Rev.Sun Myung Moon: Emperor Of the Universe

Ex-moonie Allen Tate Wood speaks in this video
At 18:14mins Cathryn Mazer says when she was a moonie she was encouraged to lie


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Jesus Christ was not born on December 25th. He was born probably at the end of September or early October. HE is God incarnate. Jesus Christ came from God Yahweh to redeem his people who are white.

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Jesus Christ (Yeshua = Salvation) was born on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) 27 Sept. 6 B.C. (Tishri 15, 3756)

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"Monalisa is man" Dan Brown

MOON, Lord of thd Second Advent

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Revelation 19:9
Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!" And he added, "These are the true words of God.

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John 15:26
"When the Advocate comes, whom I will send to you from the Father--the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father--he will testify about me.

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John 16:12-13
"I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear.
But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own....

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John 16:25
"Though I have been speaking figuratively, a time is coming when I will no longer use this kind of language but will tell you plainly about my Father.

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John 14:16-17
I will ask the Father, & he will give u another advocate to help u & b with u forever— the Spirit of truth. THE WORLD CANNOT ACCEPT HIM, because it neither sees him nor knows him...

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Jesus in Israel Literature

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I have been looking for the turth about who we really are and why we are, what we are.

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