Demonising Russia And Where It Is Planned To Lead - The David Icke Videocast Trailer Published on 12 Feb 2016

David Icke’s Speech at Bilderberg 2013 ---- Ritchie Allen

(see below)  David Icke : A Memory of Prince - Beyond Normal


Ritchie Allen Show,Volcania Radio interviews below


Powerful: Alex Jones Full Bilderberg 2013 Speech


David Icke Bilderberg 2013 - Watford / UK


David Icke’s Speech at Bilderberg 2013


Alex Jones and David Icke meets each other on Bilderberg 2013 - Watford / UK


David Icke meets Alex Jones at the Bilderberg protest @davidicke @realalexjones  David Icke talks about the police working for the elite criminals that will be making everyone poor including the police


Bilderberg 2013 Watford,England,U.K.  David Icke in Studio With Alex Jones INTERVIEW in hotel room


David Ickes TV channel,The Peoples Voice,WATCH LIVE


David Icke ☼ They Dare Not Speak Its Name ... ROTHSCHILD ZIONISM
At 2:35mins Jewish Rabbis with placards protesting against Zionism
At 3:22mins Iranian president Ahmadinejad welcoming Jewish Rabbi priests but mainstream media controled by Rothschild Zionists have DEMONISED Iran as hating Isreal and Jewish people
At 3:38mins the Rothschild family created Isreal
At 4:13mins photos of dead and injured Palestinian children attacked by Rothchild Zionists to take there land
The London olympic 2012 symbol can be rearranged to spell ZION
The jewish people are victims of Rothschilds and Israel is a military staging point to take over the middle east,Israel has the second biggest number of F16 fighter planes in the world and they have nuclear weapons this is to take over Iran and possibly Turkey and then destroy all islamic culture and religions in the middle east to bring in the NWO New World Order which will be a scientific technological controled world.

(Additional Info not in Davids Video) US aircraft carriers are in the Strait of Hormus so they can invade Iran,biological,chemical and possibly nuclear weapons are to be released by the ruling elites on Israel and euopean and American cities and blamed on Iran.The postponment of the elites taking over Syria is delaying there agenda to control middle east oil supplies to fuel there massive depopulation agenda,they will impose Marshall law on America and Europe after they release chemical weapons on major cities as an excuse to DECIEVE citizens into recieving vaccines but these vaccines are a SCAM to sterilize MILLIONS of young people or inject diseases or cancer into MILLIONS of people so that they drop dead soon after,ruling elites want USA population reduced from 320 million to 20 million people and world population reduced from 7 billion to 500 million people by year 2030.

George Green is a former investment banker who worked with the people
planning to take over the world,he is now exposing them.
George Green Interview February 2010 part 1 6 YouTube
At 3;36mins elites plan on reducing world population
At 4:35mins elites plan to get war started in the middle east by year
2000 to then spread to USA as depopulation plan
At 8:25mins the people who rule the planet are the BIS Bank of
International Settlements in Switzerland are
controled by the Rothschilds they control 85% of the worlds wealth and
control the legal system,courts,food supply,media,
At 8:32mins the elites headed by the Rothchild family are currently in
process of killing millions of people using ANY WAY NECESSARY because
of ecological unsustainability,THEY ARE DRIVING THE BREAKDOWN OF
At 9:55mins George says extraterrestrials engineered our planet to
sustain 500 million people and the ruling elites are currently
reducing world population to that level over the next 16 years by year

Ritchie Allen Show,Volcania Radio
Ritchie does some fantastic interviews with conspiracy theorists,whistleblowers,ex-military,ex-CIA,ex-political establishment on,ruling elite paedophile rings,NWO Agenda,secret space programme.
Ritchie Allen interviews Wolfgang Halbig, I am not going away. No child died at Sandy Hook, the whole thing was a hoax
Wolfgang is a former police officer and a national school safety inspector he said police came to his house threatening him and his family if he continued asking questions about things that did not make sense like why paramedics were not allowed into the school for many hours they are the only people qaulified to pronounce a person to be dead and why parents could not see there dead children and why food was delivered to police in the school at a crime scence.
Ritchie Allen interviews Ex-US Marine Ken O'Keefe Mainstream Never Discusses False Flags (Historical Fact) Why Not?

David Icke : A Memory of Prince - Beyond Normal
Published on 22 Apr 2016
David Icke says in 2007 when Prince was playing at the O2 Arena,London Prince invited David to the O2 Arena to meet him back stage for half an hour where Prince told David he had read 2 of his books.
Prince dies at just 57. What a loss
By Jaymie on 21 April 2016
David Icke : A Memory of Prince - Beyond Normal
By Jaymie on 23 April 2016

Bilderberg 2013 Watford,England,U.K. David Icke in Studio With Alex Jones INTERVIEW in hotel room

Video 1 hour

David Icke: A Memory of Prince - Beyond Normal