Global Ruling Elites Communist SCAM Deception

Big corporations,secret societies,wealthy ruling elites,royalty all control international SCAM deception systems to control populations and use people as PAWNS.   




Ex-CIA John Perkins,Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
John Perkins an elite insider and his book "The Secret History of the
American Empire"

W. Averell Harriman sent to Russia as ambassador in World War II to
rule Russia instead of Stalin
WW1 WW2 Deception

------------------------ PART 2 -----------------------------

Obama announces lifting all restrictions and sanctions with Cuba

President Obama Delivers a Statement on Cuba
Obama announces lifting all restrictions and sanctions with Cuba and allowing freedom of movement,THE REAL REASON HE HAS ANNOUNCED THIS is because the communist SCAM threat is being replaced with the muslim terrorist SCAM threat by the globalist ruling elites,you will soon see this happening between North and South Korea which are both controled by the wealthy industrialist 13 ruling elite families and royalty as psychological population control systems and to carry out depopulation.
The globalist elites are at present turning the whole world into a North Korean Orwellian surviellance police state dictatorship using space satelites and project omega advanced computer system underground in Nevada with computers that can think 100 times faster than humans and they oversee all human activity worldwide, -------- Dr Deagle Ex-Black Operations Exposes Depopulation Agenda,Project Omega
Viruses will make all the plagues of history look like nothing,Pentagon to Shutdown Over 20 Facilities Across Europe
When bio/chemical weapons are released on major cities in USA and europe and blamed on muslim terrorists THE BOGYMEN then martial law will be imposed and citizens freedoms will be massively reduced just like North Korea.
YOU ALL ARE MISLED TO BELIEVE YOU ARE FIGHTING FOR THE REUNIFICATION OF NORTH AND SOUTH KOREA while a brutal worldwide communist military police state just like North Korea is being installed around you then the depopulation of 95% of every country will go into action,doctors going house to house vaccinating people with armed police/military,you will be made to believe its to prevent spread of contamination but you will waken up in your bed the following day with neurological brain damage and die a slow death in your bed,Bill & Melinda Gates polio vaccine campaign in India has allready paralysed 48,000 children and its happening in Africa aswell this is whats planned worldwide.


---------------------------- PART 3 --------------------------

British Royalty Rule of Hong Kong in Communist China

China who rules North Korea allowed the
British Empire to continue building a wealthy capItalist city in Hong
Kong in south communist China then the British royalty in 1997 hand
over Hong Kong back to communist China all there decades of hard
work,wealth and prosperity GONE.its because they are running a GIANT
SCAM and are all part of the international ruling elite classes and
millions of soldiers and innocent people die to defend there SCAM.

Map of China with Hong Kong

BOTH Communist Dictatorships and democratic capitalist free countries
NORTH KOREA and SOUTH KOREA are both controled by 13 ruling elites
families called neo aristocrates headed by the
British Royal family,Carnegie Institute,for
example British ruled Hong Kong was allowed by communist China to
exist on the south of China but then after Britain built up all that
prosperity they just handed it back to communist China in 1997,VERY
SUSPICIOUS,but the American military were sent to Korea to push
Chinese communists back,THIS WAS ALL A SCAM to reduce China's male
population when American soldiers machine gunned waves of thousands of
Chinese soldiers and to turn North Korea into a mass murder camp to
reduce population,these ruling elites create all these control system
to control or kill the populations of society,now all products are
are being made the new superpower of the world the model for all
countries to follow in a SLAVE WORKERS CLASS and a SUPER WEALTHY
The Communist Party of China took power in 1949 in China
The Korean war was 1950 – 1953
Hong Kong One Dollar,Queen Elizabeth II (1955 - 1992)
Hong Kong One Dollar,Queen Elizabeth 1960[term]=hong%20kong%20dollar&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=0
1980s Hong Kong 5 Dollars,Queen Elizabeth
Hong Kong Dollar,Modern Notes
Hong Kong 1925 One Cent,George V King and Emperor of India
The Communist Party of China took power in 1949 in China
------------------------------- PART 4 ---------------------------------

 Military Industrial Complex

The Business of War: SOFEX
Hosted by Shane Smith founder of VICE News.
The military industrial complex weapons show in Jordan hosted by King Abdullah invites military generals from all of Africa and the middle east this show has been going for 14 years,SOFEX Special Operations Forces Exhibition
At 5:05mins the King Abdullah Special Operations Training Center HQ in partnership with General Dynamics
At 7:28mins Jennifer Ann Wallace Montesano PR representative of General Dynamics
At 11:50mins weapons manufacturers from around the world including Russia,China attend the Jordan arms show
At 13:48mins the generals from these countries are given financial aid from America but then use the money to buy weapons insted of helping there citizens
At 18:05mins its more likely these weapons will be used on the generals own citizens than on an invading country
At 19:07mins the arms sales are doubling every year

Ex-CIA John Perkins,Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
At 12:00mins Saddam Hussein was a CIA agent assassin then the CIA made
him president of Iraq
At 14:00mins Israel is mainly established as a
military fortress for economic corporations
At 17:00mins economic
corporations are responbible for Iraq war and many U.S. and U.K.
soldiers have died unnecessarily

The Business of War: SOFEX


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