The Full Circle Project - Active Hub for People to Unite

The Full Circle Project organised by Max Igan
The Full Circle Project provides an active hub for people to unite
to seeks ways to empower the individual and local communities by gathering together in ever-widening circles of focus and agreement. By examining vital issues and applying effective methods we can usher in a more cooperative and caring society based on honesty instead of deception and abundance instead of scarcity.
Max Igan: The Full Circle Project Can Make A Huge Difference In The Fight Against Tyranny.       Ritchie Allen interviews Max Igan

HUMANITY vs INSANITY - #29 : Max Igan Unplugged and On Fire!
Max begins by playing really gutsy hot electric rock guitar then Ian R Crane
 interviews Max at his home out in the wilds in Australia
Samantha Rayn Bachman

AV6 Conference,England,UK may 15th-17th,2015 Samantha Rayn Bachman Ph.D
HUMANITY vs INSANITY - #40 : with Ken O'Keefe, Max Igan & Samantha Bachman

HUMANITY vs INSANITY - #56 : Wake up... & Smell the Genocide! Published on 10 Nov 2015

Max Igan says Israeli leader Netanyahu is a psychophathic war criminal,mass murderer and has to be taken to the Hague and the World Zionist Federation and Friends for Israel are responsible for the war crimes against Palestinians which includes David Cameron,Obama and other Zionists controling the American and British governments and Zionists controling other governments in europe and Australia.
At 46:30mins AV7 conference next may 2016 in the U.K. and Ian R Crane and Max Igan will be speaking at AV conference in Portland,Oregon,America 23rd april 2016
Alternative View AV1,2,3,4,5,6,7 conferences organised by ex-oil
executive Ian R Crane
AV conference in Portland,Oregon,America 23rd april 2016 

Humanity vs Insanity - The CRANE Report

AV6 - 16/17th May 2015
Alternative View AV6 conference this year 2015
organised by ex-oil executive Ian R Crane to unite conspiracy
theorists and whistleblowers to expose the NWO soviet Orwellian police
state dictatorship system being constructed around us in industrial
countries and the depopulation of 95% of society and world under UN
Agenda 21
Published on 1 Dec 2015
Ian R Crane says Are WE (the collective WE) going to stand back while the Ruling PARASITES and their PROSTITUTES manipulate the world into Global Conflict? If YOU are watching this, YOU are part of the an ELITE group who without money or armaments have the capacity to contribute towards bringing about the CHANGE that WE ALL KNOW we need to see. Are you ready to DO what you came here to DO ... or are you going to sit back and watch while the Ruling PARASITES & their PROSTITUTES destroy the planet and enslave what remains of the Human Race? The CHOICE is OURS ...
At 20mins the ruling elites should be renamed the ruling parasites
Ar 31mins in Austrailia on 1st january 2016 no person will be able to recieve state money benefits unless all there children have been vaccinated
At 31:50mins many teachers are leaving the education system because they know the children are not being given a proper education which is being re- designed to dumbed down future generations
At 34:55mins Ian says its not enough to just communicate on the internet we have to get together we have 4 or 5 years maximum by 2020 to prevent a future soviet police state dictatorship of misery and to turn back the negative evolutionary direction society is declining into
"No Fracking Way" 1970s British singer Leo Sayer with Aussies Against Fracking
Leo Sayers website and anti-fracking rock song
Leo Sayer
commented on a channel on YouTube.
Shared publicly  -  May 1, 2015
Ian - your film 'Voices From The Gasfields'is bloody fantastic, a
fine piece of work. The story you've arrived at is lucid, instructive,
informative and remarkably without hyperbole. It's also so good to see
people like John Jenkyn, David and Brian Monk getting a chance to
voice their experiences in such unfettered fashion.
Because I felt so strongly after seeing 'Gaslands' and other footage
from the USA, I put together a little movie of a song I wrote some 17
months ago, with the help of a group of like minded colleagues called
'Aussies Against Fracking'. Here it is:
I decided to put it up only on You Tube to share as a non profit
making exposure of what we actually thought as something our voices
might stop. Sadly it's got even worse since then. I will be sharing
your video with everyone in my network. Best regards and keep up the
good work,Leo Sayer.
Ex-oil executive Ian R Crane
Ian R Crane,his film,'Voices From The Gasfields'

Ex-Royal Navy Lt. Commander Brian Gerrish says the U.K. is now under Zionist,Satanic rule by Satanists who have taken over the government,David Cameron and SNP are bringing in a Soviet police state dictatorship
UK Column NEWS Friday 8th May 2015
Ex-Royal Navy Lt. Commander Brian Gerrish At 23:20mins says the outright win of the SNP party in Scotland is the Soviet system of centralising power,police Scotland have also centralised powers as part of a Soviet police state dictatorship and police are being armed with guns so that citizens will not be able to resist the dictatorship when orders are given against the population.
Brian Gerrish.British Constitution Conferance.2015
At 4:12mins Ex-Royal Navy Lt. Commander Brian Gerrish exposes COMMON
PURPOSE a Marxist, Communist organisation installed as
secret organisation is dismantling all government and authority
organisations in U.K. to bring in police state
dictatorship.------------- On my website MORE Brian Gerrish UKColumn on this link
BCG Spring Conference 2015 - THE Time For Action
2 minute intros from speakers and link to other speakers Robert Green
- Guy Taylor - Brian Gerrish - Mike Robinson - Field McConnell -
Justin Walker - Ian Puddick,etc
--------------------  Bring Back the Bradbury Pound to End Austerity SCAM  --------------------
UK Column News 10th December 2015
At 33mins Brian says he and UKColumn have had meeting with the MET police who are concerned about corrupt government policy to cause conflict between communities
At 37mins ex-military officer Justin Walker is organising a big push to bring in the WW1 Bradbury pound which will solve all our financial problems without the need for austerity cut backs but the corrupt politicians refuse to introduce it but would rather plunge society into poverty so they can create an environment to bring in a Soviet police state dictatorship
At 49:08mins Brian gives evidence of the police state dictatorship being gradualy installed
Ex-military officer Justin Walker campaign to reinstate the Bradbury Pound that would instantly end austerity. 
“Bring Back The Bradbury” - the parallel currency issued interest free by the British Government just a few days before the onset of World War One.
Justin Walker,Bring Back the Bradbury Pound
Ex-military officer Justin Walker Co-ordinator -The Bradbury Alliance
People MUST read this to see how austerity is a complete and utter lie!
Justin Walker,British Constitution Group,UKColumn,Updated August 16th 2015
Justin Walker who is ex-military lifts the lid on the ongoing financial scam perpetrated by the banksters and the establishment.
On page 56 a map of the re-shaped europe where British nationalities will be destroyed.
MORE Justin Walker YouTube videos on the Bradbury Pound
Justin Walker, The Bradbury Pound, Globalisation and ‘The New World Order’
Budget Day 2014 and the Campaign to Reintroduce The Bradbury Pound
The Community Press Group was at parliament to cover Budget Day 2014 and the campaign to reintroduce the Bradbury Pound.
Including interviews with Brian Gerrish and Justin Walker, Angus MacNeil (SNP), Patrick Heningsen, Kenneth Clarke MP and Bill Maloney.
Justin Walker of the British Constitution Group says re-introducing the INTEREST FREE Bradbury pound can solve all societies financial problems but the people in power want society to be in debt,Justin Walker interview stops at 13:50mins and SNP Angus MacNeil from the Outer Hebrides begins talking.
At 16:35mins Patrick Heningsen talks about the INTEREST FREE Bradbury pound
At 20:10mins Kenneth Clarke MP is asked about the budget
At 22:27mins anti-child abuse campaigner Bill Maloney speaks
Justin Walker and Roger Hayes Chairman of The British Constitution Group.
World Bank Whistleblowers,Karen Hudes former senior council of the World Bank who says the banking system is totaly controled and rigged by the Jesuits and Vatican   
they are responsible for the financial crisis


26.02.2021 20:19

Sean Barrett

Hello, I'm trying to find out how I can get involved. I live in Edinburgh Scotland. Please could you direct me to any group near me? Not having much success searching, theres many similar named...

14.09.2017 23:27


Is this where I communicate with other participants ? I'm new to all this❤️I'm really interested in max igans work and I would like to part of the full circle project. Thank you very much.

26.12.2015 17:45


Hello. I live in Milwaukee and would like to help the homeless, especially veterans; any suggestions/ideas?

21.12.2015 23:03

Riley Middleton


I am reaching out to see if I can help.
I am involved in management of Peace Maker Society, as well as directer launching in 2016 & Freedom Tune-Up

12.10.2015 01:13


15.09.2015 01:28

dan cope

learn about 528hz,the love frequency.also,learn about hydrogen as an energy source.

14.09.2015 08:10

geraldine stevens

so they shut me up and you bastards shut me down? sure you can have conferences and chatter. it wont DO anything.

14.09.2015 08:09

geraldine stevens

its because i have the right answers and always did. a curse on ickey and gerrish. 2 blitherers who are too cowardly for real change to occur.

14.09.2015 08:06

geraldine stevens

either youre very mean with your comment box or i am being once more shut up by khazars in blue textiles. cant you people see why?

14.09.2015 08:04

geraldine stevens

we have no defence as individuals against the thugs in blue textiles/reptoidals/kidkillers via schools etc they will attack our kids.

14.09.2015 08:02

geraldine stevens

we need to set up our own clean common law courts per area too. with real english beaks perhap retired old bailey types?

14.09.2015 08:00

geraldine stevens

conferences the rate of 1 very 2 months or so...will accomplish very little. we should form up citizen militias [as yeoman policerys] under magna carta /common law courts.