Alan Watt - 2hr Deep Research Cutting through the Matrix - Interview with Alex Jones InfoWars

The United Nations is the beginnings of the NWO One World Government

Alan Watt,Cutting through the Matrix of the Ruling Elites Agenda for Humanity

Alan Watt,Cutting through the Matrix 


IBM own and run the world the CFR Council on Foreign Relations is the secret parrallel government that make the real decisions on what the public elected government do


The people who rule the planet are the BIS Bank of
International Settlements in Switzerland
 says George Green on this link he is a former investment banker who worked with the people
planning to take over the world,he is now exposing them.
      on this link Karen Hudes former senior council of the World
Bank exposes the intentional FABRICATED banking financial crisis orchestrated by ruling elites as part of UN Agenda 21 depopulation      


Alan Watt ''Cutting Through The Matrix'' Mar-09-2011
At 17:50mins when slaves passed through Britain Rothschilds were the biggest purchasers
At 21:15mins vaccines to depopulate
At 25:12mins vaccine expert Dr saulk was a member of the eugenics society,his papers wrote about depopulation of the unfit then he decided to save the world population which could
At 33:25mins Diane Schneider says oral sex,masturbation should be educated in schools and teaching to counter homophobia,Schneider represents the national associate of education the largest teachers union in the USA -
At 35mins families are bad,religion is bad this is the marxist education they want to teach to the next generations
At 41:38mins under the NWO science is to take the place of the deity (God) to control the masses just be a decoy to make himself look good and avoid being attacked
At 32mins elite talk about creating necrophilia to destroy society
Alan Watt ''Cutting Through The Matrix'' Mar-11-2011
At 13:35mins mayor of London Boris Johnson says the future of the world is in cities,under the U.N. Agenda 21 the plan is to move everyone out of rural areas into cities
Alan Watt ''Cutting Through The Matrix'' Mar-28-2011
At 4:25mins Rockfeller recently called for radical depopulation
At 9:32mins the coming food shortages
At 16:20mins when Margaret Thatcher stepped down from prime minister she said now i belong to the parrallel government that consists of ex-prime ministers,ex-presidents,diplomats which is the CFR Council on Foreign Relations.
At 17:45mins Libyas huge manmade underground water pipeline irrigation system is almost unknown in the west was built without borrowing any money from the international banks,western governments have sent in professional agitators to cause uprisings in middle east countries
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN March 30, 2011
At 10:10mins the elite realy on the public mass conformity to pressurise the odd person out to conform by training everyone to accept what they are educated to believe is normal
At 15:42mins the controlers of society have local people on every street in communities they use to gather information on everyone
Alan Watt ''Cutting Through The Matrix'' April-01-2011
At 19:15mins Rothschild says his bank will (which is just a gang of criminals) will take over the planet
Alex Jones - Alan Watt - June 2nd 2011
At 8mins GMO crops,Monsanto
At 9mins sterilization has been going on since the 1950s,cancer causing fertilizer has been put on crops since after WW2
At 11:45mins after people have been weakened by poor quality food the viruses will be released so that peoples bodies will not be strong enough to resist
At 12:18mins corn that sterilizes you
At 12:50mins elite want world population to be massively reduced by 2030 and between 2030-2050 new super cities
At 14mins Csardas staring Sean Connery about NWO eugenics
At 14:20mins David Suzuki says the elite now have the ability to make people live for 500 years

The CFR is the hidden permanent government that make the real decisions on what the public elected
governments do,they create wars and appoint presidents of countries
but keep the population decieved with media propaganda and lies of why
situations are happening.
CFR Council on Foreign Relations
Royal Institute of International Affairs
Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs is a
non-profit, non-governmental organisation based in London whose
mission is to analyse and promote the understanding of major
international issues and current affairs.
The Club of Rome,Ruling Elites think tank,


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this is all foolish. There is no"plan to take over the world" the world is ruled, 95% are considered "tenant farmers" but with new robotics, are not needed anymore. Eradication of pests on the farm

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I like your way of thinking. Hope you make it to the 5%

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Frank Comando

That's colition not violation

24.03.2017 08:18

Frank Comando

Right that's the Repub. lacrat Clinton Bush, Ryan, volition, wake up this is really their goal, by no clean up of NUKE SPILLS, DRUGS THAT DO NOT CURE COPS GETTING OUTRAGOUS PAY TO COREACE THE PUBLIC,