Cure All Diseases

Part 1 - George Greens book

Part 2 - Dr Burzynski cures all cancers

Part 3 - John Searls magnetic energy machine cures disease within days

Part 4 - GcMAF Proven Cancer Cure

Part 5 - CANNABIS OIL Cured Cristina's Cancer

Part 6 - Rick Simpson,Cannabis Oil Cures Cancer

Part 7 - Gerson Therapy Cures Cancer

Part 8 - MMS Cures 97% of all Disease

Part 9 - Stem Cell 100% Cure,promoted by Mel Gibson


Cure for All Diseases,George Greens book
--------------------------  Part 2  --------------------------
Cancer Research U.K. is a SCAM set up by ruling elite globalists and pharmaceutical drug companies to steal donation money and prevent all cures for cancer ever getting out to the public,the Rockefeller Institue hold all cures for cancer but the elites say over population is the greatest problem on the planet and curing diseases would increase population.
We should get a copy of this statement and take Prince Philip to court for inciting mass murder/genocide - HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh the British Queen Elizabeth's husband he said in 1981,"If population is not controlled voluntarily, it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation and war."
UN Agenda 21 depopulation of 95% of world by year 2030 is now underway
----------------------- Dr Burzynski cures all cancers ---------------------------------------
The FDA have tried to prevent Dr Burzynski from curing people even threatening to inprison him because he is a threat to there multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry who dont want to cure people because they make more money from keeping people sick
Dr Burzynski Clinic,Houston,Texas
Dr Burzynski has cures for all cancers
At 3:35mins Dr Julian Whitaker of the Whitaker Wellness Institute supports Dr Burzynski
At 7:04mins Dr Burzynski describes his antineoplastin cure for all cancer even the most severe cancers he has cured and brain tumours he has cured,he then describes the medical cause of cancer and the cure,antineoplastins keep the bodies positive and negative cells in balance and a defeciency in antineoplastins causes the negative cells to increase resulting in disease,antineoplastins are proteins and ammino acids
At 9:30mins Jodie Fenton who had a brain tumour refused chemotherapy and went to Dr Burzynski who completely cured the brain tumour
At 12:52mins toxic radiation chemotherapy vs antineoplastins
At 13:40mins Jodie Fenton
At 14:30mins Dr Julian Whitaker says childhood brain tumours are almost always fatal but Dr Burzynsi's antineoplastins have cured this brain cancer
At 15:45mins Doctors told 11 year old Jessica Ressel she would only live for 3 months but Dr Burzynski completely cured her brain tumour after 1 year of treatment using antineoplastins Jessica is now 24 years old
At 29:10mins Dr Bruzynski has cured thousands of people with every type of cancer using antineoplastins but the National Cancer Institute who recieves an annual budget of $5,200,000,000 tax payers money but they prevent any government funded money to be given to Dr Burzynski to develop his treatments
At 31:12mins all money thats made by charity events to find a cure for cancer goes straight to the same people blocking the cures for cancer that allready exist and DrBurzynski does not recieve any of this charity money
At 35mins Dr Burzynski has been trying to get his antineoplastin cancer cure aprooved since 1977 but the FDA and government continuously suppress aproval
At 35:20mins USA government,FDA,National Cancer Institute,PhRMA versus Dr Burzynski and his past,present,future patients who were witnesses in court prooving they had been cured of life threatening cancer by Dr Burzynski
At 37mins people traveled from all over the USA to recieve Dr Burzynski's antineoplastins treatment,the Texas Medical Board contacted Dr Burzynski's patients to try to get them to file complaints against him but his patients were all very happy with Dr Burzynski's treatment
At 39:15mins the Texas Medical Examiners wanted medical results prooving he was curing his patients and he agree to give them the very succesful results of having cured every type of cancer
At 40mins for 5 years the Texas Medical Examiners harrassed and tried to shut down Dr Burzynki based on falsified information they then take him to court to try and shut him down,Dr Burzynski gets angry in court because 200 patients died because he was prevented from treating them by these people who oppose him
At 42mins Judge Earl Corbitt speaks in private he was very impressed by Dr Burzynski's cures and could not understand why he was being taken to court by these people
At 43:15mins a mother stands up in court thanking Dr Burzynski for curing her son
At 44:06mins Dr Burzynski wins the court case
At 45mins the Texas Medical Examiners attempt to take Dr Burzynski to court again using tax payers money even when they are told they are fighting a loosing battle
At 58:30mins Dr Burzynski's patients appear in court as witnesses he cured them of cancer
Cancer - The Forbidden Cures by Massimo Mazzucco
Cancer - The Forbidden Cures : VIDEO Documentary
What the Illuminati are doing is a crime against humanity. This is to stick it to Big Pharma! The people behind Big Pharma are: the 13 Satanic bloodlines. Cures for... cancer have been found. The medical cartel actively suppress it together with the complicity of the regulatory bodies. Don’t let them tell you: cancer is a death sentence and only death causing chemotherapy, surgery approved medical ‘treatments’ are the solutions. The history of cancer is a history of deliberate fraud for the profit of Big Pharma. This documentary highlights many cancer cures, their history and the wars against Big Pharma suppression

---------  Part 3 - John Searls magnetic energy machine cures disease within days  ----------

Searl Magnetics
The John Searl Story DVD Trailer -- The Flying Disc
1/6 UFO BUILT & FLOWN 3500KMH by PROF John Searl SEG Free Energy Magnet
2/6 UFO BUILT & FLOWN 3500KMH PROF John Searl SEG Free Energy Magnet
3/6 UFO BUILT & FLOWN 3500KMH PROF John Searl SEG Free Energy Magnet
4/6 UFO BUILT & FLOWN 3500KMH PROF John Searl SEG Free Energy Magnet
At 2mins one of John Searl's team Gordon Goodfella was dying from
a disease and John put his machine in Gordons house and within 2 days
he was like a new person and 4 weeks later rejoined the team to work
on the flying disc

5/6 UFO BUILT & FLOWN 3500KMH PROF John Searl SEG Free Energy Magnet
In 1965 Johns UFO traveled 100 miles in 3 minutes
John Searl invented anti-gravity and free energy device
that the negative ions produced by it can also heal serious injuries
John Searl Intervew in Glastonbury 1994
John explains details how his electromagnetic flying disc and healing
machine works it produces millions of electrons that fills the room
the electrons are allready in the atmosphere which Johns machine taps
into and multiplies more electrons,the machine is a converter of
kenetic energy that is all around us
Richard D. Hall
Rich Planet Interviews Professor John Searl in Leeds 2010 Part 1
John Searl's invention was shown to him in a dream and if his
invention was not released to the world then the world would decline
into a worse condition

At 7:20mins the materials Johns Machine is made from is
Rich Planet Interviews Professor John Searl in Leeds 2010 Part 2


-------------  Part 4 - GcMAF Proven Cancer Cure  --------------------


HUMANITY vs INSANITY - #37 : The Cancer Agenda
Ex-oil executive Ian R Crane interviews David Noaks
450 EUROS for a months supply of GcMAF is PROVEN to be effective to cure cancer
At 14:35mins 290 people in USA are killed by prescription drugs every day
At 15:50mins David says the FDA records show prescription drugs are
the 4th cause of death in the USA
At 17:05mins David Noaks Immune Biotech company produces GcMAF Cancer
Cure was shut down by the FDA and big drug companies
At 17:40mins chemotherapy kills people faster than the cancer
At 18:40mins if you are terminal stage 4 cancer GcMAF will give you an
80% recovery without side effects
At 20mins 450 EUROS for a months supply of GcMAF is PROVEN to be
effective to cure cancer
At 25:45mins MHRA used lies to completely shut down David Noaks Immune
Biotech company produces GcMAF Cancer Cure
At 33:35mins GcMAF is legal around the world but the U.K. has made it illegal
At 35mins MHRA ruthlessly targets and shuts down any new companies
that develop cures for diseases like cancer
At 35:46mins David Noaks GcMAF website if you want to ORDER GcMAF
At 37:35mins cancers live off suger and you have to give up sugar if
you have cancer also you have to stop eating carbohydrates or anything
that produces sugar
At 37:50mins Meat,Fish and Vegetables is the diet you should be eating
At 38:40mins there are many other cures for cancer
At 40:20mins chemotherapy is basicaly murder for profit
At 44:20mins 10 police turned up to one GcMAF clinic curing cancer and
terroristed the staff then closed down the clinic
At 44:45mins the real terrorists are the government
If you develop Cancer in the UK, you are effectively sentenced to
DEATH by the Gerald Heddell, the Director of MHRA (Medicines &
Healthcare products Regulatory Agency); the UK Government agency
responsible for ensuring that Big Pharma's revenue stream is never
threatened by a Cancer 'Cure'.
GcMAF is PROVEN to be effective, has no
side-effects and is a major threat to the Chemo industry ,,, Call
State Executioner Gerald Heddell who demands that Cancer sufferers be sentenced to 'Death by Chemo'!

David Noakes,GcMAF Cancer Cure,European Immunotherapy Centres
 AV6 Conference,David Noakes
Big Pharma & the Cancer Scam,"You are nothing more than a Revenue Stream!"

--------------- Part 5 -  CANNABIS OIL cured Cristina's Cancer -------------------------------------------
PROOF Cannabis Oil CURES Cancer! Catherine saved Christina's Life. This is their story.
Ian R. Crane,Humanity vs Insanity interview 2015 
Despite being an NHS Nurse for 30yrs, Catherine knew that orthodox Chemo & Radio-therapy treatment would KILL Cristina ... but she was determined Cristina would defeat the Cancer. This is their story .... CANNABIS OIL cured Cristina within a few days and sugar is what cancer feeds on. They also talk about the endocannabinoid system and lymphoma is cancer that starts in the lymph glands or other organs of the lymphatic system.
Humanity vs Insanity - The CRANE Report
The Full Circle Project organised by Max Igan - Active Hub for People to Unite
Humanity vs Insanity Ian R. Crane more video interviews,Alternative View AV1,2,3,4,5,6,7 conferences organised by ex-oil
executive Ian R Crane

 ------- Part 6 - Rick Simpson,Cannabis Oil -------
500,000 people die every year from the cancer epidemic in America but Rick Simpson cannabis oil can cure cancer ----

-------  Part 7 - Gerson Therapy Cures Cancer -------


----------  Part 8 - MMS Cures 97% of all Disease ----------

MMS cures cancer,AIDS,viruses,malaria,etc by purifying your body that is made of 90% water,its very cheap $20 to $30 for 2 to 3 months or a years supply,its usualy used as a water purifier but Jim Humbles work collegues came down with malaria in Africa and all Jim had was water purification tablets that he gave them and within 4 hours they were cured.

The Mind-Blowing Story of a Simple Cure for 97% of Disease.
MMS Cures 97% of all Disease,it is Sodium Chlorite thats usualy used as a water purifier
At 13:17mins a book titled,"Breakthrough,The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century".
At 13:55mins MMS is sodium chlorite,it kills bacteria,germs,viruses
At 21:25mins put one drop of MMS into a glass and one drop of the activator wait for 30 seconds then add a cup of water then drink it
At 22:35mins this $25 cure is a threat to drug companies and hospitals and doctors and the money they make
At 23:56mins humans are made from the chemical chloride and the oceans are made from chloride
At 25:11mins the FDA food and drug administration has made MMS illegal
At 30mins MMS cures malaria in 24 hours with no side effects an African Red Cross worker talks about what happened in Uganda
At 34:35mins MMS has cured most diseases including HIV,AIDS
At 36:36mins in U.K. armed police break the door down while Mark is giving an MMS seminar
At 38:18mins Mark opens the church of health and healing there are 180 churches worldwide
At 42:12mins the patent for MMS on july 2000
At 47:55mins MMS costs $20 to $30 and lasts for 2 to 3 months
At 49:35mins cures for diseases have been supressed by drug companies so they make money selling drugs but dont cure people
At 49:55mins video of protocols on how to use MMS according to what health problem you want to cure
At 56:10mins for more information on MMS go to
Genesis II Church of Health & Healing (Official)
Project Camelot interviews Jim Humble, the man behind MMS: Miracle Mineral Supplement
Project Camelot Published on 31 Dec 2008
At 13mins starts talking about MMS
At 47:25mins  brushing teeth with MMS kills bacteria and re-builds enamel
At 1:03:20mins Jim Humble has a book that teaches you how to make MMS
MMS protocols
Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Sodium Chlorite, How I Use It, Mix It, What It Does ~~~Nancy
Shop "miracle mineral solution"



------ Part 9 - Stem Cell 100% Cure,promoted by Mel Gibson ------

Stem Cell Institute
Joe Rogan Experience #1066 - Mel Gibson & Dr. Neil Riordan,1 Hour long version
Streamed live on 17 Jan 2018Mel Gibson starts by saying the Male Clinic is a very good place to get an all round health check up,Mels father has undergone stem cell treatment when he was 92 he in now 100 and all his old age ailments were cured
At 4:25mins stem sell injections are only freely available in Panama,they are not available in USA,in Panama the stem cells are taken from imbilical cords
At 10:14mins the reason stem cell treatment is not legal in the USA is because its still undergoing research by the FDA and are very restricted in other countries like Canada,New Zealand,Japan,south Korea

At 49:48mins Dr. Neil Riordan,Stem Cell Institute




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Good day and thank you for all the invaluable info. With all that has come out recently I saw something on vaccines causing cancer but alas I cannot find it anymore. Do you perhaps have any info ?

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ik weet wat ik moet doen om het te genezen. Preventie en <a href="">behandeling</a> van kanker is hetzelfde als kanker

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Relax! - All Diseases, known on Earth, can be Wiped Out in less than a month, everybody will become Infinitely Healthy and by that - Immortal, for Infinite Health = Immortality (8,500 years guaranteed

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A great testimony I must share to all cancer patients in the world. My wife was diagnosed with stage 4 primary liver cancer in March 2014, doctor told us there was not much to be done since the tumor

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A great testimony I must share to all cancer patients in the world. My wife was diagnosed with stage 4 primary liver cancer in March 2014, doctor told us there was not much to be done since the tumor

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I am unable to post this in the Success Stories for whatever reason,so I posted here. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer on October 18,2014. I was advised by my doctor that my only options were to g