Hubertus Knabe: The dark secrets of a surveillance state

Hubertus Knabe studies the history of torture, oppression and surveillance in the former East Germany, carried out by the secret security police known as the Stasi; himself becoming a target of reprisals, in the form of ‘Zersetzung’, for his views and work.

Ted Gunderson ~ Retired FBI Agent ~ Confirms Gangstalking Exists

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Government Funded Soviet Gangstalking Harrassment Police State IS NOW HERE

Welcome to Defeat Gang Stalking
Gangstalking lecture by Alastair Durston Ross,20th june,2016 Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
Defeat Gangstalking,Alastair Durston Ross
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A form of NDAA military detention in America without charge or trial ALLREADY IS IN FORCE in the UK,i GORDON MUIR was kidnapped by social workers and a doctor and detained in a psychiatric hospital in 2004 for over 2 months WITH NO REASON EVER GIVEN just like Stalins USSR
GORDON MUIR have been government GANGSTALKED since year 2000 after reporting violent youths to Edinburgh police,GANGSTALKING was used in USSR and East Germany to spread bad rumours against a victim and harrass the person and vandalise there property to drive the person into destitution,unemployment,homelessness,suicide.
The Scottish Edinburgh police and GCHQ surviellance contacted every shop,office,petrol station,library,supermarket,local communities basicaly EVERYWHERE and spread false rumours against me which spread to thousands of people verbaly harrasing me and vandalising my property which lasted a year and a half until i left Edinburgh and moved to Aberdeen and for the first 2 weeks everything was quiet then the GANGSTALKING started there aswell and went on for over 2 years.
There plan was to get me so angry i would react so that the police could be called and they could accuse me of being mentaly ill and hearing voices but because that was not not working social workers,psychiatric males nurses,a doctor just came to my house and kidnapped me and i was detained for over 2 months in a psychiatric hospital.
Police tried to create reasons to evict me from my house and when i put social workers names on internet websites the police came to my house and put my name on a criminal database for 2 years,this is like a sick joke and i dont recognize the legitimacy of the police any more,its like a cross between an old black and white Harold Lloyd movie and Nazi Germany.
If i go anywhere else in the U.K. the same gangstalking starts there aswell from a few people then increasing over the weeks to everyone in a village,town or city that i stay in.

Targeted Individuals, victims of gang-stalking.
Top secret government harassment programs against citizens!! - COMMUNITY (COMMUNIST) ORIENTED POLICING By Detective Phil Worts

What is Gang Stalking
The practice that was used in the former soviet union called the psychiatric reprisal.
Gang Stalking,funded and controled by the government - The gang-stalking and harassment is a parallel justice system in which no crime needs to be committed and lasts for life till the targeted individual is DESTROYED both physically and mentally.
Where does the support or funding for this come from? - Though the systemic harassment that Targeted Individuals refer to as Gang Stalking is immoral and unethical in nature, programs such as this in democratic countries, and none democratic countries have always been funded by the Government. They are the only ones with enough money, coordination, and power to keep such a system in place. These Co-ordinated efforts then join hands with others for this systemic form of control and harassment.
--------------------------------- Statement by me Gordon Muir ---------------------------------
If i Gordon Muir am kidnapped again by the soviet police state psychiatry social services and detained in a psychiatric hospital and any harm is caused to me or i die in detention or killed (SUICIDED) or people are told i commited suicide i want to make it clear i have no intention of commiting suicide and if you contact Brian Daniels at CCHR  they have copies of the falsified psychiatric records with the names of criminal social workers and psychiatrists on them.
------------------------------------ My Brother Freddie ----------------------------------------------
I have circumstancial evidence the police instructed doctors to inject my brother with AIDS causing him to contract tuberculosis which he droped dead from about 3 or 4 months later in 2007 then the coroner disected his whole body without my permission like my brother was an laboritory experiment




                       AMERICAN   NSA - BRITISH GCHQ


George Osborne wastes £Billions on more spying by GCHQ  (17Nov15)

This British politician George Osborne is working for big corporations and wealthy ruling elites to decieve,mislead then murder the population.


SCAM TERRORISM created by military industrial complex,Israeli MOSSAD,British Intelligence,GCHQ,CIA to bring in Orwellian military police state dictatorship - SCAM AUSTERITY to create soviet POVERTY class and WEALTHY class,then mass murder 95% of the population,to make way for there NWO,New World Order. 



Former top technical director NSA official William Binney,he also
mentions British GCHQ spying system thats connected to NSA
William Binney's Heartfelt Plea to the American People  - 6:48min segment of Alex Jones 1hr interview with former top technical director
NSA official William Binney
 If Americans dont stand up to hold politicians accountable they are
going to loose there country,there rights,there freedom,there
constitution and they will be living in a totalitarian dictatorship
like communist China

Operation "Toto" Pulling Back The Curtain
At 4mins Alex Jones interviews former top technical director NSA
official William Binney,FULL 1hr
At 10:30mins William says when he worked for NSA he was complaining to
senators and congress about being asked to spy on citizens and the
population collecting data on every person in the country
At 19:45mins the NSA spying system is exactly like the Soviet and east
German spying system,William says many American politicians were not
informed about the NSA intentions which allowed them to secretly set
up there spy network using American tax payers money
At 21:10mins inside the NSA there is no monitoring process to know who
is using the citizens data they are collecting,there is no auditing of
NSA by congress which means TOTAL CORRUPTION and looting of citizens
assets and lives can be done by secret organisations or wealthy
elites,big corporations and banks or Chinese communists
At 28:10mins it was George W Bush,Dick Cheney,Hadden that decided to
turn NSA to spying on every citizen in America and every person in the
world but before NSA was only spying on enemies of America and freedom
that is when William Binney decided to expose the corruption of NSA
At 29:45mins William went to congress to expose NSA corruption
At 34:40mins the NSA and contractors intentionaly want problems to
increase because they are making money from tax payers by not solving
At 40mins the NSA system tracks and records every computer,phone or
any device used by every citizen at all times and all locations where
you use these devices to create a predictive map of every persons
intentions and plans,an estimated 4 billion people worldwide are being
tracked and spied on
At 45:20mins the government controling the NSA have put themselves
above the law and change any argument or law to go there way which is
a totalitarian dictatorship
At 47:15min the way to reverse this tyranny is for every citizen to
start complaining to there representatives and senators especialy at
town meetings
At 51:42mins the NSA spy network is the biggest threat to Americans freedom
At 54mins William Binney's Heartfelt Plea to the American People,If
Americans dont stand up to hold politicians accountable they are going
to loose there country,there rights,there freedom,there constitution
and they will be living in a totalitarian dictatorship like communist
China,the way to reverse this tyranny is for every citizen to start
complaining to there representatives and senators especialy at town
meetings or vote out the politicians


Help for Targeted People from William Binney
NSA whistleblower powerhouses William Binney and Kirk Wiebe stepped forward to announce their support,concern for,and distinct plans to assist the entire community of “Targeted Individuals” in the United States and worldwide.


GCHQ Headquarters,Hubble Road,Cheltenham,England,United Kingdom,GL51 0EX
Agency executive,Robert Hannigan,Director of GCHQ ---- Political Minister responsible for GCHQ,Boris Johnson,Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs ---- Annual budget Single Intelligence Account (£2.6 billion in 2014–2015 financial year) 
GCHQ is using gang stalking methods

At 1:55mins Gavin MacFadyen from the Centre for Investigative Journalism says GCHQ tactics against innocent targeted indivduals are to Deny,Disrupt,Degrade,Decieve


Menwith Hill Survielance Satellite Ground Station  

Menwith Hill in England,U.K. is the largest electronic monitoring station in the
world. It is run entirely by US authorities,with support provided by
around 400 staff from Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)
and American NSA National Security Agency personnel.


GCHQ is using gang stalking methods

At 1:55mins Gavin MacFadyen from the Centre for Investigative Journalism says GCHQ tactics against innocent targeted indivduals are to Deny,Disrupt,Degrade,Decieve

Surviving Electronic Harassment, v2K, Gangstalking Ex Military Engineer Powerful Testimony

Video is 1 hour 58mins ---------- In this powerful testimony, ex-military Engineer Tivon Rivers gives a detailed account of how he became a targeted individual for covert electronic weapons harassment, V2K and community gangstalking programs.
Tivon comes from a US military background and spent 6 years in the US Navy. He moved to the UK where he lived for 9 years. While in the UK he was stationed at Royal Air Force Menwith Hill Military base, which he later discovered had been the central point for employing microwave weapons on local citizens.

Tivon describes in detail his experiences with being targeted by V2K or “voice to skull” technology along with other forms of electronic harassment. He also goes into detail about the community Gangstalking program that he became a target of while in the UK.
Tivon “left the grid” of the UK and moved to Morocco in order to escape his targeting. This testimony / interview is conducted by his partner Naima who ads to the conversation by recalling the events that occurred during the time that Tivon was escaping the grip of these programs and working on his way to healing.
Several solutions that Tivon has been experimenting with to minimize his symptoms are also discussed, including technology like orgonite that helps to block the harmful signals, heavy metal detoxing, and fighting this battle on a spiritual level.

Tivon and Naima have written a book called Forbidden Tech that describe these programs and the technology used in them, you can get the book here:


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This is going on. its coming out now due to internet. its aim? to keep us down and powerless. keep me and you as slaves and away from ever knowing our true potential. to keep us as slaves to a facist system. uk covers up its cointelpro,stasi policies by m

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Tammy Matthews, how can I help, I am former law enforcement who has seen both sides of the light.

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I have to say that I am not a fan of TED....I believe that TED is part of the NWO.
The video about the Stasi, does not say all this came from this day.

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Also, the depopulation agenda is already active by way of spraying toxic chemicals from the sky and mass medicating people with vaccinations and in the USA, people are prescribed medications as a norm

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It is a USA system, not a soviet system actually. You sound like you are buying into USA propaganda about where it comes from.

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Please can you tell me why you are stalked? And what do the stalkers aim to achieve because so many people do not agree with official positions anyway - they cannot get all.

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Hello White Crow,i am stalked simply because democracy,freedom,justice,rationality,liberty is being replaced by a soviet political system that treats people as cattle it treats people badly.

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I am in Aberdeen and I too am stalked. If you wish to get in touch my email is

I bought a phone from Vodafone last year and it was cloned, it was promptly binned.

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stalked in Aberdeen too

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I need help urgently in Scotland too. My laptop routed through a portal and or cloned. My mobile is also cloned. Had been struggling to know how they could get info. CLONING IS THE ANSWER!

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There will be a lecture in Edinburgh at the Royal Botanical Gardens on June 20th at 7:30.

Please see

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yes my late parents were seen as dissidents and U.S. Children have been gang stalked and harassed by social workers and psychiatrists in UK they have brought in psychiatric community care where whole

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