2094 Depopulation Completed,Denver Airport - NEW WORLD AIRPORT

QUEEN Says 2015 Will Be Our Final Christmas Right After The Pope   
Pope Says This May Be Our Last Christmas
Did The Queen Just... What She Says Will Astonish You!!!
The Queen express dark fears that this will be the last christmas on earth because of dark malevolent forces much stronger than her own stalking across Europe
Queen of England tells staff, 'Enjoy Your Last Christmas'- Co-incidence?
Free Masons Pyramid built in 1862 at Queen Elizabeth's Balmoral Castle,Aberdeenshire,Scotland and the queens nurse wears Free Masons belt buckle and pentagram  http://www.surviveunagenda21depopulation.com/388778384    
---------------  2094 Depopulation Completed,Denver Airport  ---------------
Depopulation mural paintings all over Denver airport terminal walls depicting depopulation scenes
A 1994 engraved stone plaque showing that the Free Masons built Denver airport it says NEW WORLD AIRPORT 
Denver airport with underground tunnels and 8 level bases and 4 square mile underground city this is where the ruling elites will be landing in there planes to go underground during mass depopulation from 7 billion to 500 million people which should be completed worldwide by 2030 or before 2094 this date is engraved on the stone plaque when the NWO New World Order should be up and running and the Old World Order DESTROYED  - The Ozark tunnels are just old salt mines used now for storage.
Evidence is happening everywhere that there is a definate austerity,de-industrialisation,DEPOPULATION AGENDA
that i have compiled on my website where an Orwellian police state dictatorship One World Government is being installed year by year and world population is being reduced from 7 billion to 500 million people to destroy the Old World Order USING ANY MEANS NECESSARY to make way for the NWO New World Order which will be a scientificaly high tech advanced world with free energy devices,anti-gravity,teleportation,faster than speed of light space travel and normal marriage will not be allowed because scientists and doctors will give people permission to reproduce children,it will be a highly controled world where all existing problems,social,moral,economic will no longer exist WHICH I PARTLY AGREE WITH in a lot of ways but what i dont agree with is the brutal mass murder genocide of over 6 billion people to achieve this i want to live out my life in a natural way like most people do.
UN Agenda 21 depopulation of 95% of world by year 2030 is now 
underway,signed and approved by 200 world leaders including George
Bush senior,Bill Clinton
Ronald Reagan signed an agreement with Gorbachev to merge the soviet
communist system with the democratic system,America is now the
American Soviet and the European Union is the European Soviet
Free Masons,Denver Airport
A 1994 engraved stone plaque showing that the Free Masons built Denver airport its says NEW WORLD AIRPORT and there are huge Egyptian statues and the layout of the runways are in the shape of a swastika,the elites at the top of the Free Masons believe they are decended from the ancient Egyptian empire lineage and most American presidents were Free Masons.
On the 2 videos it talks about buildings under the airport that are empty but have sprinkler systems,there is a symbol at ground level AUAG which is the Australian virus,people suspect this could mean the sprinklers are either gas chambers to kill people or decontamination chambers and the AUAG virus is to be unleashed to kill millions of people,the Queen of Britain has bought property near Denver airport.
AUAG Austrailian virus symbol
The layout of the Denver airport runways are in the shape of a swastika
This link has the ruling elites future plans for humanity,U.N. Agenda 21,depopulation and future high technology,scientific society only for the ruling elite.
Halfway down link is FULL LENGTH video shows Denver,Colorado and Denver airport with underground tunnels and 8 level bases and 4 square mile underground city as protection against nuclear fallout and radiation is the ruling elites main HQ control centre,the Queen of England has been buying land in the Colorado area under an alias,there are holding areas and wire cages mainly below ground for processing large numbers of people.